Aojing Research

Aojing is the global pioneer of steviol glycosides industry. The founder, Mr. Zheng
Shuping, is a well known and recognized steviol glycosides extract professor. Mr. Zheng
has won many prizes in the steviol glycosides technique and research filed, such as the
first prize in Jining Rencheng technical progress, third prize in Shandong province, and
third prize in Township enterprise.
Because of Mr. Zheng Shuping's outstanding R&D achievements and special
contributions in the field of stevioside, he was listed in the talent people record in
Jining by the Organizational Department of Jining Municipal Committee.

The company has always attached great importance to product development and
technological innovation, with strong technical force and independent R&D
capabilities, a total of 38 technicians, including 8 with intermediate and senior
technical titles. The core team has more than 20 years of operation, management
and R&D experience, and has strong industry experience and global vision of
innovation and development.
The company's laboratory brings together the world's top experts, scholars and
operational elites in the fields of agriculture, food, beverage and sweeteners.
Professor Hao Zaibin of Guilin University of Technology is the company's
cooperation expert for many years. Professor Hao is a well-known plant expert and
doctoral supervisor in China. He mainly studies the activities of stevioside and
flavonoids. He has presided over and participated in 6 national and provincial
topics, published more than 40 papers at home and abroad, and applied for 6
patents for invention.